Saturday, 2nd Jul, 2022

Evelyn Yarney

Evelyn Yarney

Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ

Evelyn (Sarpong) Yarney, a Ghanaian born American is married to Christopher Yarney with two children, Madeleine and Caleb. Evelyn grew up and started a Carrier in Business Administration in Ghana. She became a born-again Christian at an early age in (March, 1989) under the gifted Leadership of Reverend and Mrs. Emmanuel Osae, (Light of Life Gospel Mission “Restoration Center) in Accra. She believes that it was the great seed of the Gospel and discipleship that Reverend Osae through the Holy Spirit sewed in her as a baby Christian, nurtured her to be what she is today.

Growing up, Evelyn was an extremely shy person who was and is still comfortable working behind the scenes. However, her spiritual parents nurtured out her God given potential at an early age (in her early twenties) to function in roles that would carry her into the future. Evelyn was a Chorister, Soloist, and an Evangelism/outreach Team Member, led Prayer Meetings and was a Deliverance Minister on the Deliverance Team of the church. On a few occasions, even in her early twenties, Evelyn would be called on emergencies to lead the Women’s Ministry though she was not at that qualified age to lead the women of the church. Looking back, Evelyn believes her spiritual parents through the Holy Spirit might have seen some potential in her that was not easily visible to have taken such huge risk.

In 2005, Evelyn relocated from Ghana to the United States and has since lived in three different states: Maryland, Florida and currently lives in Connecticut. In each state, Evelyn had the opportunity to serve in different roles such as Church Secretary, Church Treasurer, Deputy Women’s Ministry Leader, a Leader of an Online Ministry and an Administrative Secretary to an Outreach Team of (Impact Church) a mega church in Jacksonville Florida. In 2005, Evelyn had the privilege to serve as a Counselor on the Franklin-Graham Crusade when they came to Jacksonville, Florida.

Evelyn has always believed in being an obedient Christian disciple but had vehemently shied away from full time ministry because she had been afraid of being at the forefront and being noticed. Moreover, being the first born child of her dad, her dream was to just be a good Christian, build a great career and take care and support her responsible parents who have invested so much in her. But God’s Blue print for Evelyn stated otherwise.

God has a way of recalculating and redirecting His children, when they get off course. After obtaining an MBA degree, in 2014, Evelyn was in the course of pursuing a degree (M.Sc. in Computer Science) when God, through a mysterious way called her into Ministry. Evelyn’s course was diverted instead to learn the ropes in Ministry. She enrolled in SouthEastern University, (A seasoned Assemblies of God University) Lakeland, Florida and attained a Masters in Ministerial Leadership in the end.

Evelyn is currently pursuing a career in Psychotherapy to help not just Christians, but the depressed, the down trodden and individuals who feel a sense hopelessness and despair and are seeking answers. Evelyn’s aim and passion is to point such people to CHRIST, the only answer to our hopelessness and despair and also together with her husband be watchmen in their own small way to the second coming of Christ. Evelyn believes that the Good Lord is not finished with her yet and believes that as she opens up as a receptacle of the Holy Spirit, she together with her husband would continue to be the hands and feet of their Lord Jesus Christ till His glorious appearance.